Why switch to us?

💰 Save money.
💨 Gain performance.
🛡️ Increase security.
📈 Increase conversions and visitor satisfaction.
⏳ Free up your time.
🇨🇦 Through thick and thin we are dedicated to helping Canadians.

High Performance

Performance of your website is extremely important. A slow website will get you penalized in search engines and greatly decrease visitor time and conversions. 

Our servers and software is cutting edge, all tuned for one thing, to make your WordPress website fly while at the same time reducing its resource use.

Industry Leading Security

Websites and online stores are a target of bad bots, hackers, and attacks. Your website is constantly under attack even though you might not know it. Our security is a comprehensive multilayer AI driven system which continually evolves and adapts. A vast array of attacks, bad bots, and hack attempts are stopped in their tracks.

We Save You Money

Starting at only $3/month we are heaps more affordable than our competition, yet still able to offer equal or better performance, security, & features. Try and find another provider that offers automatic malware scanning and cleaning for $3/month.

WordPress Specialists

We offer fast & friendly Canadian support, that specializes in WordPress. Ticket escalation is rare, our support gurus can help with simple all the way up to complex server level issues.

We Save You Time

No worrying about maintenance, updates, performance, or security. We handle all these moving parts quietly and efficiently so you have more time to focus on the things that you want to.

We Are Dedicated To Helping Canadians

Through good times and tough times we are here to help you succeed in your online endeavors. We are focused solely on helping Canadians and this is the reason we are the ONLY Canadian hosting provider to restrict our services to Canadians.

Need more reasons to make the switch?