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Welcome to WerdPressEh, and thank you for choosing us! In order to provide the performance and features that we do at such an affordable price we ask that you follow our guidelines and recommendations while using our services.

Assuming you are reading this shortly after you placed your order please note that you will receive an email from us in the next 24 hours with your login and any other needed information.

There are a few plugins that we install (on new sites) and ask that you do not disable or remove. If we are migrating your site we do not install these until we have the green light from you.


LsCache Plugin

This is the beating heart of your WordPress sites and stores here at WerdPressEh. This plugin is tightly integrated with our webserver as well as the CDN, it comes preinstalled on all new sites we provision. We ask that you leave it installed and active, it is the fastest and most efficient caching setup for WordPress as long as the server supports it (ours do). Disabling or removing it or using another caching plugin will slow down your site, increase your resource use and also remove you from the CDN.

No other caching is needed when LsCache is active, that includes image optimization, critical CSS, minifying, etc, etc. If you are moving from another WordPress provider we ask that you disable all other caching plugins and use LsCache. That is an option of course but why would you want to use something that is not as fast or efficient?


MainWP Child

Please do not disable or change this plugin. We use this for tracking your site health, updates, and more. Disabling it will only make you lose out on features, and slow down any of our support responses to you considerably.



We include transactional emails as part of your service. These are emails sent out by your website for things like new orders, password resets, new user registration etc. This plugin is what makes these emails work. If you already have something setup for email feel free to remove it. Please note that PHP based email will not work on our servers as it is disabled. Transactional emails we provide are not to be used for any type of marketing, email blasts, newsletters, etc. Here are the amounts you are allowed based on plan:

Maple Pro: 25/day

Maple Master: 50/day

Double Double: 100/day

Triple Triple: 200/day

If you require larger amounts don’t hesitate to contact us. Integration

The LsCache plugin and our webserver fully support integration, and we highly recommend you take advantage of this as it comes with many benefits, it also greatly reduces the amount of resources your site uses. If you do not use it, you may find your site is using too many resources and is not as fast as it could be. We will set this up for you, no action needed by you.


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