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This post will delve deep into the inner workings of our Cutting Edge Canadian WordPress Hosting, if there are details you wanted to know about our tech this is the place! Grab a coffee or a beer and enjoy the read, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at


CPU: Powered by the latest AMD CPUs allows the server and PHP to process work faster. Frequency is important for best performance and fastest possible reaction time at the server level. Here you can see a “lscpu” from one of our test servers:



That is under no workload so boost is not active, when working and boost is on it is very similar to the Ryzen Threadripper frequency, you can checkout a benchmark and simple comparison here:

Storage: Pooled nVME SSD drives. Very fast IO performance eliminating IO based bottle necks and greatly increases overall speed.

When you order a plan with us you are fully isolated, you don’t have to any neighbors stealing your resources and hampering performance or compromising security. All cloud servers use KVM as virtualization type, and are built and tuned specifically for best performance, efficiency, stability, and security.


The WerdPresseh Stack That Powers Your WordPress


The “stack” is the software that your WordPress runs on, and consists of a webserver, database, and PHP as requirements, there are also some other moving parts which can be used to increase speed, stability, efficiency, and security. Our stack consists of Litespeed, MariaDB, PHP 7.3/7.4/8, Opcode cache, multiple WAF (web application firewalls), caching mechanisms,  Redis, and an intelligent and learning intrusion detection & malware scanning / removal system.

Litespeed: The fastest and most efficient webserver in the world which comes with Litespeeds own PHP (LSPHP) which is highly optimized and built specifically to work with Litespeeds webserver.

MariaDB: A Mysql replacement with better performance, features, and stability.

Caching: We have a total of five layers of caching possible if you take full advantage of what we offer, this makes sure that your WordPress is fast and light no matter the angle or location it is accessed from. Here is a list and explanation for each:

  • Browser cache: Our stack tells your browser to cache static objects like images and logos. These are typically cached for one year. This increases speed and reduces requests to the server.
  • Opcode Cache: If you were to look inside some of the php pages that drives your WordPress it probably would not make much sense, but you would be able to read it. But before the server can read it, it has to convert it into bytecode which requires time and resources. Opcode cache stores the bytecode so the server can use it directly bypassing the need to convert or compile it each time.
  • Page Cache: Our server level page caching can use either fast-cgi or Redis, Redis is recommended in most cases. The page cache takes dynamic content and turns it into a lightweight static file which is served from memory (Redis). This is much faster and requires very little resources compared to having the page load normally on each visit.
  • Object Cache: Redis is also used as an object cache. WordPress uses a database, in our case Percona to store many different things such as settings, content, menus, and breadcrumbs. When a page or post is requested it also requires accessing the database for these things which can be expensive in terms of resources and cause increased load on the site and server which slows the performance. Redis stores database queries in memory and serves them as needed. This increases performance and reduces load.
  • QUIC CDN: is the first and only CDN (contend delivery network) built specifically for WordPress and it has many benefits. We will set this up for you on request and do recommend its use. It can cache both static and dynamic content from your WordPress and serves it from the node location closest to your visitor resulting in better speeds and happier visitors on a global scale. It also protects from attacks such as brute force and DDOS as well as enables some cutting edge technology such as QUIC and HTTP/3.


WerdPresseh WordPress Security

We employ a comprehensive AI driven multilayered security system that continually learns and becomes better. Our intelligent and advanced firewall works seamlessly with our WAF (web application firewall) to protect your sites and our servers from a vast array of attacks, injection attempts, brute force, xss, DDOS/DOS, and more.

A combination IPS (intrusion protection system) and IDS (intrusion detection system) block a large variety of attacks and exploit tools. Logfiles are constantly monitored and scanned for malicious or suspicious activity and the system will either act on threats found or notify us.

Malware scanning, quarantine, and removal is available at no extra cost. Out of date websites, plugins, themes and bad code can defeat the best defense, and let’s face it it is impossible to stop all hacks. If you have had a website hacked before you probably know just how stressful and expensive it can be to recover from it. Companies charge hundreds of dollars to clean sites. Our malware detection and cleaning is automated and extremely good at its job, and again free for all sites on our servers.

Proactive defense stops 0-day exploits and detects malware that scanners fail to detect, this defense focuses on action rather than file type or content.



If you have any questions don’t hesitate to hit us up at


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