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One of the main factors in deciding to start WerdPressEh is constantly seeing fellow Canadians wanting to setup sites or online stores but struggling with the technicalities and in some cases the cost. I knew I could offer something that would make the process easier, more affordable yet maintain the performance and stability that premium WordPress providers can offer. This is also the reason that I decided to only offer services to Canadians, so my team and I can focus 100% on helping Canadians in their online endeavors.

Deciding to setup a website or online store can be confusing and daunting for those that are not familiar with the technology and terminology. It can also mean that you end up paying more than you need for a service that does not suit your needs, causes you all types of stress and even tarnishing of your reputation. So what do you need to get started?

1.) You will need a domain name, this is your address online and how people will find you. As an example our domain is

2.) You will need a hosting account, which you can purchase from our main page here:


How much does it cost?

I have spent large amounts of time designing our systems to be as efficient, stable, secure, and fast as possible. I did this because the all of these things contribute to less manhours needed and a lower cost for you. A year of hosting with us for one website is just $25, it is the most affordable and performant managed WordPress hosting in Canada. So to sum it up:

  • $25 for your websites hosting
  • Around $10 for your domain name depending on the extension you use (.ca, .com, etc). Domain is also renewed yearly.

For the price of a dinner out you have everything you need for your website or online store for a full year.


Ordering And Getting Started

Ready to give it a shot? I hope so! I will take you through the ordering process, don’t worry it is easy! If you have any questions or run into any problems you can get us on Facebook, live chat on the main site, or at So, when you click a plan on our home page you are taken to our secure portal and land on a page that looks like this:



This is an exciting step! This is where you choose your domain, it is an important step. Your domain in a way defines your site, or business online, take your time. .ca is the default extension and I recommend this for most as this extension tells everybody you are Canadian. Clicking Check runs a search to make sure the name is available. The other two options are if you already own a domain, you can transfer it to us which renews the domain for a year at the same time, renewals after that happen through us.

The third option is you simply update DNS records at your current registrar as needed, again only if you already own the domain you want to use for your site with us.

Once you are ready go ahead and click that button. The next page will look similar to this:



I strongly recommend that you take the backups option, you never know when you might need to restore your site. If not it is ok, we still have your site backed up but if you need us to restore it for you it will cost $10. Also you should also always keep your own backups, it is extremely easy to do and only takes a minute. If you would like to have email box(es) using your domain name you can order them here, you can choose the amount at the end of the ordering process. If you have ordered a domain the next page will look like so:




Choose the legal type of registrant that you are, a list and explanations are here:

The next page is your review and checkout page, you can also choose the amount of email boxes here should you want more than one, click Checkout and you will be directed to the page where you need to enter your information and choose how you will pay (paypal or Credit Card with Stripe), this will also create you an account in our system. Once you complete that you will receive confirmation of your order as well as the invoice for your payment, thank you!


Next Steps

Provision your services within 24 hours and open a ticket in your account with further information and to walk you through the last few steps, such as:

  • If you have a website you want us to migrate and information we need to do it.
  • Supply you with needed DNS record changed if applicable, or if you prefer do them for you.
  • Give you basic information on your new site such as login information.
  • Request from you how you want your emails boxes named.


That is it, you will be online and ready to go in no time!

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