Managed means the following:
  • We keep your site, plugins, and themes up to date.
  • We provide everything your site needs to run quickly, efficiently, and safely.
  • We will fix any errors caused by our systems.
  • We will guide and help you as we have time. WordPress is extremely well documented so try Googling first, if you cannot find what you need, then ask us.
Managed does not mean:
  • We will build or design your site or store.
  • We will not add content, pages, posts.
  • We are not responsible to fix your site if you break it. But we will help you get it resolved when possible.
  • We do not teach you how to use a theme, plugin, etc, etc… This is the responsibility of the person that provides the theme or plugin and again WordPress is extremely well documented, Google is your friend. If you are absolutely stuck give us a shout though we will help.

Transactional email is included, email boxes using your domain name are available as an addon for $5 per year. These email boxes are meant to be a cheap and easy way for you to have email using your domain name. If your email is critical to you and your business and or team you may want to consider something like Outlook365, Rackspace mail, or Gsuite.

Transactional emails:

These are emails sent out by your site for things like password resets, new user registration, orders, etc..


Email Boxes: 

Each email box comes with 2GB of storage, and antivirus and antispam. You can use webmail in your browser or connect your devices and use it on them, these are not to be used for any type of marketing, email blasts, or any other type of mass mailing. Doing so will result in immediate suspension.

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