Cutting Edge Canadian WordPress Hosting

No frills, no gimmicks, no hidden costs, no flashy site claiming how fast we are. Want a website but not sure where to start or what all the technical mumbo jumbo means, caching this, caching that, caching the neighbors cat? When you order hosting with us it is all inclusive. We setup, secure, and optimize your site and send you the login so you can get started with it. No complicated control panel, no “one click install”, order and login as soon as you here from us.

Cost & What You Get

Cost: $120/yr CAD Only yearly subscriptions are available, there is a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.


CPU: 1 core


SSD Storage (cloud based): 10GB


Websites: Two

Managed: Yes. We keep your site, plugins, and theme up to date.

Basic webdesign on one website.

Backups: Daily backups included (stored offsite). Backup retention is 45 days.

Email: Transactional email is included with a 50 per day limit. These are emails sent from your site for things like password resets, new orders etc.

Email Boxes: 5 email boxes are included, these can be accessed through webmail interface or you can setup email for desktop or device. Emails are are limited to 20 sends per hour and 2000 sends per month (per email box). Are email services are never to be used for any type of email marketing, blast, email lists.


We do not offer domains, if you want / need a domain I recommend you buy one at


Send an email to and we will let you know how you can pay, your website will be available within 24 hours of ordering, possibly a little longer if on the weekend.


Support is through email only at

Technical Stuff

I won’t go into great detail here, if you want more details please inquire at I am proud to say that we do offer the most advanced WordPress website hosting not only in Canada but in the world. This keeps your site safe, fast, and stable with great uptime.

  • Hosted in the cloud with automatic failover. If the server your website is on fails it instantly comes online on a different server.
  • Advanced security at the network, server, and software level. Protects your sites 24/7 from a wide array of attacks and hack attempts.
  • Five layers of caching keeps your fast and light using minimal resources with the ability to handle large amounts of traffic.

Why Us

We are proudly Canadian and dedicated to helping Canadians succeed in their online ventures. We are the only Canadian provider that is so dedicated to our fellow Canadians we DO NOT accept orders from anybody who is not a Canadian resident. We also are only accepting a limited amount of clients, we feel that as you become a bigger business you lose and important relationship with your customers that negatively affects the experience.